GBA Pokémon Radical Red

Pokémon Radical Red là một bản fan-made Rom Hack do soupercell thực hiện. Tác giả muốn tạo ra một phiên bản làm lại của vùng Kanto quen thuộc nhưng cũng mang đến những trải nghiệm mới lạ. Không ít người cho rằng Pokémon Radical Red là bản hack hay nhất từ Pokémon FireRed. À mà độ khó của game cũng được đẩy lên mức rất cao! Game là dễ ư? Thử đi rồi biết!



Là một phiên bản làm lại, Pokémon Radical Red có cùng một cốt truyện với Pokémon FireRed.


  • CFRU features (Mega Evolution, Gen 1-8 Pokemon)
  • Hisuian Forms
  • Dynamax Raid Battles
  • Much higher difficulty
  • No need for teaching HMs
  • Curated buffs to a lot of deserving Pokemon
  • Brand new abilities
  • A revamped Game Corner
  • IV grade and colored natures on the summary screen
  • An IV perfecter in Celadon for a very steep price
  • An ability swapper also in Saffron
  • EV training areas with their corresponding EV training gear
  • Move tutor that teaches Egg moves
  • Additional Legendaries obtainable before the Elite Four
  • Cannot use items during trainer battles
  • Gym leaders may ask for rematches or side quests for their Mega Stones and other rewards
Các bạn có thể bài viết gốc để rõ hơn.





Các mức độ khó

  • Hardcore Mode goes without saying this is the hardest mode; there is some consideration made for the player (hence the presence of Min Grinding Mode) but it's filled with a lot of unfair obstacles and silly team compositions.
  • Restrict Mode prevents you from using a lot of the broken team compositions/set-up cheese, so it's a bit harder than normal RR without the Hardcore ridiculousness
  • Restrict Mode + Min Grinding much less grindy than the above option while also making the early game-mid game much easier. Probably the preferable option if you're streaming a nuzlocke.
  • Normal RR a little grindy but it's what I originally envisioned :) and you can use a lot of the broken Pokemon to its full potential, so that's always fun
  • Min Grinding Mode If you just want to play RR without the grind but still keep a bit of the challenge, then this is it. Another option if you're streaming a nuzlocke but don't like the restrictions of Restricted Mode. Game is overall slightly easier than normal RR since you're on a much more even playing field.
  • Easy Mode This is actually potentially easier than Easy Mode + Min Grinding Mode since you can use EVs to your advantage (as Boss pokemon won't have them), although the early game is slightly more difficult & most people playing this game mode won't bother with optimizing EVs. I will stress Easy Mode is still more difficult than vanilla games and your traditional ROM hack.
  • Easy Mode + Min Grinding Mode Pretty much allows you to play Min Grinding Mode while also being able to use items and Switch Mode. The early game is also a lot easier here as opposed to normal Easy Mode
Đoạn này không biết dịch sao cho hợp lý nên bên nguyên từ bài gốc. Độ khó giảm dần từ trên xuống.


Các bạn có thể tải ROM Pokémon Radical Red trực tiếp từ trang web chính thức:
  1. Tìm và tải ROM 1636 Pokemon Fire Red (U)(Squirrels) (Google là ra).
  2. Truy cập vào và upload ROM vừa tải ở bước 1.
  3. Chọn Apply patch để tải Pokémon Radical Red.
Hoặc đơn giản hơn các bạn có thể tải bản đã patched:
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